Surveillance Systems and Surveillance Cameras Edmonton

Triton offers the latest in commercial surveillance technology from leading manufacturers in the surveillance industry.  Our professional consultants will work with you to determine the specific type of Surveillance system you need and identify the correct equipment combination to form your digital surveillance system.

No job is too large, or too small.  We have assisted several small business owners protect their livelihoods using small four surveillance camera systems, installed 9 -16 surveillance camera systems in medium sized retail chains and 32 + camera systems in larger warehouses and industrial complexes. We have even arrived on scene in rural locations to install underground wiring, complex night vision, and thermal vision surveillance camera systems to oversee large physical areas in diverse conditions.

We also combine the latest in surveillance technology with alarm system technology to seamlessly integrate a solution to meet your needs. Triton is ready and able to assess any job and provide a solution on time and on budget.

Give us a call at 1-888-707-8228 or email us at for Surveillance Cameras and other Surveillance Systems installation in Edmonton. We specialize in Commercial surveillance systems, industrial surveillance systems, outdoor surveillance solutions, mobile friendly surveillance systems installation and Remote video monitoring in Edmonton.