Edmonton Commercial Surveillance Systems



warehouse-imageWarehouse surveillance camera systems can require a large number of cameras covering a large physical area. For these projects our installers carefully consider camera position, installation method, hardware needs and of course overall budget to ensure a balance between cost and capability.


Common Requirements Include:

  • 16 – 32+ camera systems
  • High Resolution or HD DVRs (Digital Video Recorders)
  • Remote and iPhone Access
  • Motion sensitive recording
  • Camera placement planning
  • High Resolution indoor dome cameras


Restaurants & Retail


restaurant-image Restaurant and retail clients have widely differing needs.  These can range from small, budget conscious systems, to complex commercial surveillance systems with advanced capabilities.  Whether your location requires only a few cameras to monitor access, and potentially staff activities or more unique needs, the Triton Surveillance team will meet at your location to review what options are available.

Common Requirements Include:

  • 4 – 32+ camera systems
  • Face recognition capable recording resolution
  • Remote and iPhone access
  • Budget friendly surveillance systems
  • Indoor and outdoor combination systems
  • Point of Sale (POS) integrated cameras to display purchase on screen
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Night vision and low-light cameras


Specialty Retail Systems

Specialty commercial surveillance systems include a variety of applications including kiosk retail locations.  These systems are mall approved, discreet, compact and offer security in these unique and sometimes vulnerable sales settings.  If you have a specialty application that you aren’t sure how to approach contact our experts for advice.


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